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A Moleque de Idéias

We are a company that believes in people’s intelligence, in their natural curiosity and in the power of connections.

Therefore, since 1996, we keep a companionship environment where everyone, children, teenagers and adults, can create and manage their own projects. The organization emerges from each person’s interests, creating learning networks to realize ideas.

As every person at Moleque de Ideias is stimulated to develop their own creativity, our portfolio of projects covers a wide range of possibilities. Children come to our company every week, bringing new ideas to realize, which inspire adults to develop projects to help them in their creations. So these projects, along with other ideas and requests verified by the adults, unfold, mature and may gain a commercial or communitarian nature.

"To make and to learn" are inseparable processes

On our trajectory, one of the strong points is experimentation. At Moleque de Ideias, a wide range of technologies is available so that everyone can explore their imagination and discover new knowledge. We developed a composting to study, together with the community around us, ways of urban agriculture. We invested in the research of new interfaces, like devices controlled by the thoughts, RFIDS and selling points assisted by Augmented Reality. We created robots, among other actions that use technology, whether it is high or low tech, to empower people.

These approaches about new learning environments have a strong theoretical base, anchored on a vision of a glocal (global + local) network society, formed by people and groups that use technologies to improve the life quality of everybody. Our work has already been a theme for many press stories. Some members of Moleque are often invited to participate of important seminars about the subject, like VivoEduca, CICI and AEL FIEP. Besides we have solid partnerships with companies and research groups such as ModRobotics and Aniomagic.

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