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Moleque de ideias

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One of these days, Leila and I were going through old records of Moleque. And so, while looking at 2003 files, we came through the notebooks Leila used to write down our ideas at the beginning of each session and her thoughts about us. I read everything and, funny, I remembered many of the days described there, and its details and peculiarities. The next morning I got to a folder with everything I did then, and I noticed that were still very fresh in my head the moments of production of all those drawings, surveys, videos and photos. I do believe I would be able to tell the story writen on each page, including my thoughts and feelings, while printing them.

We talked about the way Moleque remained so vivid in my memory until today, we conclude that the reason must be the fact that everything was there, stored in that folder the same way they were ten years ago, and had been created by me because I wanted to do it. There were various  projects of mine, projects that I could externalize with the resources that were present in the paper and had to show me that most of the ideas we have are possible. It has happened in Moleque de Ideias that, nine years old and willing to research, my friend Lucas and I could read for months about sharks and then, with the information collected, to make a little book with complete text and all. It was there that I could make the spiderman puppet fly in a movie, and it was there that I searched the internet and find the lyrics of a song  that I have never forget.

And that's how I understood that  it is easier and meaningful to do things when they really represent us, and when they meaningful to us. That's why I recognized and the contentment of Maria Luiza and Leticia (children that I'm working with today, for example, when they understand that they could create, for themselves, an ID card with their names, and to choose an image, a color and a plastic cape to make a personal card. It may seem just a little thing, but for someone 6 years old, creating an ID card for him/herself can be the coolest part of the day! And that's why I waited, anxiously, the day to go to Moleque (Tuesdays). And that is why I can see, today, children in the same way I was when we pick them up in the room (at their school) and they open that huge smile of those who waited for the whole week.

So watching this in my new perspective, a little older and now working here, I'm glad to see that these children are having the opportunity I had to go through here in Moleque, finding so many possibilities to create and put into practice their ideas, and the chance to live and interact freely with people, learning to deal with each other, connecting with classmates and friends with us, going in the direction of the conversation and understanding. Children do not need adults to solve their problems and give the ready answers, they must have a sufficient dose of confidence to go through its roadblocks and obstacles, simply because they came across them and because they want to solve them. Every day a child asks how to log the computer or how to write a given name in Google toolbar. This same child has already performed these procedures before and knows how to do it. What it lacks is the knowledge that you know, she can try it alone and if not, we all are with her in the room, adults and peers, we can help her. What is good is going, looking, thinking and believing.There is something I think I inherited from my years in Moleque de Ideias and that I do assimilate a little bit every day, now that I come to attend it: autonomy and realization that my choices are, in fact, mine, that I am free to believe in them, and that I have the ability to carry them out. The important thing is to respect and care, with ourselves and the others. Knowing the limits, especially for children, is crucial in the exercise of their freedom.

Then sometimes someone asks me what is Moleque de Ideias. I answer now, everyone at once. Moleque de Ideias is a place to be. To be ourselves, alone, without concerning for what is expected from us or what may have said that we should want. We do what makes us happy in the end and what looks good. And it's even better when we form our ideas with others who care for truth for them.

That must be why, the other day, Luana said he wanted to live in Moleque de Ideias.

I also wanted to.

June 2012

Juliana Brotto