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Sewing ideas in a glocal scale

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During the event of 2012 Social Capital World Forum in Göteborg, Sweden, the Jellyweek Quilt will be presented as a Social Capital metaphor. With forty-two patches made by different jellies all over the world, it represents something that emerged from collaborative practices and celebrates working together.

Leila País de Miranda will present the Jellyweek Quilt as a network effect. First, from the network we can call "herself" - previous work experiences at her company "Moleque de ideias", network science studies, grandmother's patchworks, dog at home - emerged ONE IDEA: to make an e-textile quilt collaboratively and glocally during Jellyweek 2012 - "Maybe people like it and it happens."

This idea was presented to a second entangled crowd: the group of people that had weak/strong ties with her and with the Jellyweek 2012 values. Through different communication channels - Blog, Jellyweek Facebook group, Twitter, Fanpage, Event Page and through personal contacts during Jellies, people interacted and something new emerged: ONE TANGIBLE E-TEXTILE QUILT MADE COLLABORATIVELY AND GLOCALLY.

Different technologies developed by mankind over time were used to make the Jellyweek Quilt: the good old mail to transport the patches and Google Hangouts for intercontinental meetings; needles, embroidery frames, irons, sewing machines - well known sewing technologies - and the new conductive fabrics and threads, sound and touch sensors, LEDs, and other electronic components which make it an example of e-textiles: different technologies that bring together people of different generations.

Even more important than that, the Jellyweek 2012 Quilt was done by people working, creating and learning together. From a small idea, we got a real achievement built by the crowd. No central control. Just a tiny idea that grew, because some people liked it and really wanted to make it happen. People weaved the quilt with ideas, desire, will, happiness, knowledge, material resources and relationships. Every step was documented and shared with global community.

And now it's travelling, visiting her creators and various spaces of collaboration, coworking, cocreation... telling a Social Capital story. Each patch of the Jellyweek Quilt is Social Capital because each one represents what each person or group of persons learn during the process of cocreation; the Jellyweek Quilt exists and its not only all the patches together. It is more than that. It is a unit that emerges from the crowd working together, just as Social Capital emerges too.