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diydays Gothenburg

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When I left Niterói to atend DIYDAYS in GOTHENBURG, I was carrying not only the Jellyweek Quilt but also some E-Textile stuff. "Maybe somebody wants to try something there.", Nilton said while helping me to pack some sparkles, sensors of touch, temperature, sound, colored leds, a piece of conductive fabric and conductive thread.

I arrived there on Friday, Feb 1th, with my friends Joachim Lochamp and Yatin Seti. We worked with Jasmine and many other volunteers to prepare the space for the event. It was a nice, warm and friendly afternoon. I arranged my stand there in the Experience Hall, with a table, some chairs, my computer, the E-textile material and the Jellyweek Quilt.

Next day, inside Gothenburg Film Studios - an awesome and inspiring place to big meetings - Diydays Gothenburg happened smoothly and the air became filled with ideas and connections. People went to my stand, became interested, they talked to me, asked questions, some of them said "Oh, we can do this and that", for instance: "I could use a temperature sensor and add some leds to my jacket, their behaviour would change if I go out of he heated building into the swedish winter outside. And I also had many nice talks, like the one with the storyteller, my friend 18 year's old Stephanie Mo, from Hong Kong, student in Lund, about life, desire and colaboration.

Just in the end of the day, Maria Reihs aproached me and we began to talk, about the Jellyweek Quilt, about her work with actors and about us. Maria was already using things and clothes that interact with the actors and the audience. Things that interact. We here, last year, with Nathalia Chaves Bruno, we worked in the same direction. After 1 hour sharing ideas, we shared also material to work and the intention of keep on working together. I spent 18 days more in Gothenburg and came home last week.

Yesterday we had our first Skype meeting - Maria, Nilton and me. Next Tuesday we are going to have a google hangout live streamed meeting with Pablo too, he is developing an idea of an el-wired VJ vest that uses arduino to react to the music controled by kinetic device. Maria is going to work using the E-textile stuff she received during DIYDAYS IN GOTHENBURG. We are going to work together. It's happening.