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Lançada versão 0.6 do Fritzing

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Foi lançada nova versão do IDE Fritzing para Arduino. A nova versão dá suporte a recursos à venda pela Adafruit entre outras novidades. Veja  a notícia completa aqui.

Aqui na Moleque tb estamos experimentando o (que é muito parecido com a interface do Scratch). Nosso interesse com o é , como sempre, tornar tecnologias mais acessíveis às crianças. O Fritzing deve ser mais expansível e poderoso; mas, por outro lado, mais dificil de usar. 

Segue texto completo.



Fritzing 0.6

Introducing the new Fritzing version 0.6 (actually 0.6.2 by the time of writing). With thanks to all the people who purchased Fritzing Starter Kits, plus our donors, andSparkFun, we added several major new features:

  • Support for SMD parts - You can now use those really tiny "Surface Mount" parts to make your PCB designs much smaller. In the parts inspector, you can simply change the 'package' of almost any part to 'SMD'.
  • SparkFun parts library - With SparkFun's generous assistance, we were able to bring a new bin of 74 SparkFun products to Fritzing! You can find them by clicking the little folder icon under the parts bin, and then Open > SparkFun.
  • Support for Stripboards - Not everyone works with breadboards, so by popular demand we added stripboards and perfboards. You can even cut and uncut strips! You can find the new boards right next to the breadboard, in our newly cleaned-up core parts bin.

We will discuss these features individually in future blog posts, but if they aren't enough to whet your appetite, then have a look at our long list of new features, including a cleaned-up parts inspector, a document frame for schematics, text and graphics on copper, etc.

Plus we fixed a ton of bugs.