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Jellyweek - report about my thoughts & activities after the JW, and next steps

AGENDA (proposed by Anni): Every participant reports about his thoughts & activities after the JW to allow transparency (in rounds). Then discussing next steps. So, thoughts: During Jellyweek we dedicate ourselves to do a patchwork - the Jellyweek Quilt - together with those who became inte...

Marcadores: jellyweek, jellyweek quilt, inglês

15/02/2012 | 2527 dias atrás

A place to learn what one wants to learn

Last week one child did not come. I asked his aunt, that works with us, what has happened. And she gave me an answer that I could consider as classic: “Because he kept on making fun of and disturbing his cousin, that was doing his schoolwork, instead of doing his own. His father bec...

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15/02/2012 | 2527 dias atrás