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To all my CO WORKING friends, to all the people that think that it's better to be, at least, two. :) This last year I have been around you and my heart knows that this was one of the best years of my life. I cannot mention all of you, but many are here in this album. And our emotions are there, e...

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09/08/2013 | 2264 dias atrás

Sewing ideas in a glocal scale

  During the event of 2012 Social Capital World Forum in Göteborg, Sweden, the Jellyweek Quilt will be presented as a Social Capital metaphor. With forty-two patches made by different jellies all over the world, it represents something that emerged from collaborative practices a...

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04/12/2012 | 2513 dias atrás

Jellyweek Quilt

  Jellyweek Quilt folder PDFJellyweek Quilt is a E-textile patchwork, a social object made during Jellyweek 2012. The patches came from all over the world, and it represents our wish of bringing the global community to the next level. It was assembled at #J104 - Moleque de Ideias, in Nite...

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18/09/2012 | 2589 dias atrás

Jellyweek Quilt folder

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18/09/2012 | 2589 dias atrás


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08/08/2012 | 2630 dias atrás

A colcha de retalhos Jellyweek

A colcha de retalhos Jellyweek está pronta! Até 30 de agosto estará em exposição aqui na Moleque de ideias. No dia 31 de agosto, começará sua viagem pelo mundo, contando e continuando a materializar uma história de co-criação...

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27/07/2012 | 2642 dias atrás

Colcha de retalhos Jellyweek

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27/07/2012 | 2642 dias atrás