Technology and Knowledge

We are a software and technology engineering company that has a great concern for its social responsibility, so since its foundation we have managed a free learning environment for children.


Over these 24 years we have worked intensively to develop highly complex software and solve various problems for our customers, applying the right technology for each project. One of the pioneering companies in the use of the Clojure programming language in Brazil, we are a reference on the subject and we hold several meetups to spread our knowledge.


In addition, we are recognized worldwide as a reference in distributed and informal learning environments, participating as speakers in countries such as the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Norway. We create an innovative work environment where children and adults live together, developing projects of common interest, promoting a space for learning, innovation and well-being.


We are celebrating 24 years of good ideas and we remain legitimately committed to solving complex problems, be part of that story!

Rua Vereador Duque Estrada, 116
Santa Rosa - Niterói - RJ | CEP: 24240-210
Tel: (21) 3628-4201 -

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