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In times when physical isolation is inevitable, social contact can, must and has been maintained with innovative initiatives from various sectors of society. Creative Encounters are our contribution to this challenging moment for everyone.

In March 2020, due to the pandemic, we were suddenly forced to abruptly interrupt our daily and weekly meetings between work teams and children in development processes. In the midst of all the astonishment and lack of clarity, we were certain: we wanted to continue meeting and we wanted to remain creative and learn new things. Thus  Creative Encounters was born.


In addition to communication technologies and group meetings, our network of contacts was fundamental in making Creative Encounters moments of learning and fun. So far, we have worked with many different creative techniques and we even celebrated an anniversary. Because of Creative Encounters, we have tripled our contact base in less than 2 months and have significantly increased our communication and scope of action. We were also listed as a reference in positive actions in the midst of a pandemic by other companies, we inspired partners in South Africa and Mexico and we are part of #NiteróiCriativa, an initiative of the city hall of Niterói.


Initially thought of as an activity restricted to members of our community, Creative Encounters proved to be open and receptive to new friends and new knowledge. Many families had to adapt to the home-office and day-to-day living with the children and thus, the Encounters were very well received by people from all over the place.


Feel you are also invited to participate. The Creative Encounters take place weekly, on Wednesdays, at 4 pm and registration is simple, click on the button below and send us a message by placing on the subject Creative Encounter and informing your name and the names of your children. And let's go ahead, with friendship, creativity and #together!

Creative Encounters

Creative Encounter Around the World

The idea of ​​Creative Encounters inspired friends, expanded our relationship networks and reached families and children in other parts of the world. Creative Encounters and Encuentro Creativo were initiatives that emerged in South Africa and Mexico, which are finding their own ways of realizing it. In Mexico, a partnership was made with “Teens & Kids Solutions Network” and in South Africa, with the company “Creative ABC's.” Encounters have been held weekly since April 9, 2020, with great success in bringing together friends and keeping creativity sharp!

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Creative Encounters


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Health and Work Book

in Times of Covid-19

The Creative Encounters offered an emergency way, possible and pleasant for parents and children to get along together very quickly, since March 18th. Right at the beginning of April 2020, the company Cortex, specialized in solutions related to competitive intelligence, brought together best home office and mental health practices in the “Health and Work Book in times of Covid-19.” With a pleasant surprise, we found that our initiative had been mentioned and recommended by them to all their employees and collaborators. We were very thankful and honored! This attitude by Cortex indicated that we were on the right path and encouraged us to continue creating and materializing new Creative Encounters!

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