Software Engineering

Specialists in Troubleshooting

We are a Software Engineering company specialized in solving complex problems. We choose the right technology for each project. We develop software, carry out consulting and training, always focused on the needs of your organization.

Since 1996 we have created simple and effective solutions for our clients and we keep up to date to use the best technology for each project. We have a team specialized in various technologies, which makes us versatile to serve companies in different segments.


We are passionate about creating efficient software architectures and we believe that developing a good architecture saves resources and shortens the code, making the software more resilient, facilitating future implementations and ensuring a longer system life.


We are a company focused on the satisfaction of our customers, we seek to understand their real short, medium and long term needs to develop assertive solutions.


Complex problems are solved intelligently, which provides effective and lasting solutions.

Fluent Team in Different Technologies

Clojure and Moleque de Ideias

We are one of the pioneer companies in the use of the Clojure programming language in Brazil. We arrange various meetups to spread our knowledge to the community.


We offer training, consulting and computer development services for companies that want to start or accelerate projects in Clojure / ClojureScript.

Our Philosophy

We believe that good ideas emerge in favorable environments where continuous sharing of information is natural, so our team is composed of people who love what they do and seek to share their knowledge.


We have developed an innovative workplace to encourage the sharing of ideas. Since our foundation, we have offered a free learning environment where children and adults develop activities together sharing knowledge.

We believe that this relationship brings benefits to both parties, children find a safe environment willing to support their ideas, while we work in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Rua Vereador Duque Estrada, 116
Santa Rosa - Niterói - RJ | CEP: 24240-210
Tel: (21) 3628-4201 -

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