Payments Engine

E-commerce solutions

The Payments Engine has all the tools necessary for your company to build its own payment gateways, fully adapted to the specific needs of your business

The Payments Engine gives your company control to define how your payment flows will be processed and which actors will process the payment, in addition to allowing integration with any internal system.


By eliminating code redundancies and repetitive streams, it unleashes its energy for innovation, enabling it to quickly and securely incorporate new payment methods.


In addition, the Payments Engine makes it easy to identify sources of errors, enabling automatic correction of failures and making sales effective.


Payments Engine is the result of a decade of experience in the area of ​​systems integration in payment streams, serving some of the largest e-commerce operations in Brazil.

Company Bonuses


Increase the efficiency of your marketplace by simplifying the handling of chargebacks or partial cancellations involving multiple sellers.

Payment Means Combination:

Innovate and offer flexibility to your customer, who can easily combine bank payment slips or credit cards, for example.

Sales Recovery:

Recover sales by allowing your customer to make a full or partial new payment without placing an order.


Easily offer your international customer the most widely used payment methods in their home country.


Define recurring payment flows for any type of product or service offered by your business.

Independent Payment Flow:

Feel free to choose partners that offer the best rates and conditions. Make your payment flow independent of the financial services provider you use.

Key Features

Ease of Customization:

Easy deployment of custom payment flows, integrating payment gateways, acquirers, banks, risk gateways, ERPs, websites, corporate systems, special customer sign-ups, etc.

Balancing Actors:

Possibility of specifying different types of balancing rules between actors, such as sending part of the requests to one gateway and the rest to another.

High Traceability:

Traceability in all events and changes occurred in the system, allowing quick correction actions and facilitating the work of the SAC.


Token support and PCI compliance.


Payment Split

How a large marketplace fit the Regulatory Framework of the Central Bank with agility.

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